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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

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01 May 2024

CATU AFG-1001 Arc Flash Full Coveralls

Boddingtons Electrical Ltd Stand: 3/S22

An arc flash coverall is a type of protective clothing designed to safeguard individuals from the hazards associated with arc flash events. Arc flash is a sudden release of electrical energy caused by a fault or short circuit in an electrical system. This can result in a rapid and intense release of radiant energy, high temperatures, and pressure waves, posing a serious threat to workers in the vicinity.



  • Multi-risk protection: protection against thermal hazards of an electric arc, heat and flames, welding hazards, and antistatic.
  • Prevention of the worsening of an accident by quickly and easily removing the coverall thanks to the red anti-panic zip.
  • Adjustable to all body types: elastic waist, adjustable length of the inner leg (77 cm or 82 cm).


  • A high collar and adjustable cuffs improve the coverall's high protection.
  • Hard-wearing coverall thanks to the reinforcements at the knees, crotch, and bottom of the zipper. 
  • Numerous features: 1 chest band, 2 chest pockets, 2 Italian pockets, and 2 cargo pockets.
  • Standard pictograms are visible on the left sleeve.


Arc flash coveralls are made from flame-resistant (FR) materials that can withstand the thermal effects of an arc flash. These coveralls provide full-body protection and are typically designed to meet specific safety standards and regulations. The key features of arc flash coveralls include:

  1. Flame-Resistant Material: The coveralls are made from materials that do not ignite or continue to burn after the initial exposure to flames. Common flame-resistant materials include aramid fibers (such as Nomex), flame-resistant cotton, and other specialized FR fabrics.

  2. Arc Rating: The arc rating of the coveralls indicates the level of protection they provide against the thermal hazards of an arc flash. Arc rating is measured in calories per square centimeter (cal/cm²) and is determined through testing according to industry standards.

  3. Design and Fit: Arc flash coveralls are designed to cover the entire body, providing full-body protection. The design often includes features like covered zippers, storm flaps, and adjustable cuffs to minimize exposure.

  4. Visibility: Some coveralls come with high-visibility features, such as reflective strips, to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

  5. Compliance with Standards: Arc flash coveralls should comply with relevant safety standards and regulations, such as NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) in the United States or similar standards in other regions.

  6. Additional Protection: Depending on the specific workplace hazards, additional features such as a hood, face shield, or integrated gloves may be included for extra protection.

It's crucial for workers to use personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for their specific tasks and to follow safety guidelines and regulations to mitigate the risks associated with electrical work and potential arc flash incidents.


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