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Fixed Gas Detection

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Our dedicated specialist team can survey, design, install and commission flexible systems to suit every environment in flameproof, intrinsically safe or safe area formats. Housing is also available in order to protect against extreme weather such as wet weather or direct sunlight.

Shawcity also offers comprehensive ongoing service and maintenance packages. We can ensure your system is maintained to the correct manufacturer required schedule. We also offer unlimited technical support, giving you the peace of mind of a true partnership where we look after every aspect of your fixed gas detection system to keep you complaint as well as ensuring your workforce is safe.

What is a Fixed Gas Detection System?

The gas detection head is installed in the hazardous area in order to detect the targeted gas. This data is then transmitted back to the control panel which is situated in the safe area. The data from the detection head can be seen on the LCD screen located on the control panel. The control panel has relays and signal output to Building Management Systems or Programme Logic Controllers, as well as actuate equipment such as, shut-off valves and alarms.

Gas detection heads are positioned depending on the density of the gas. This can be six inches from the floor for heavier-than-air gas, but if the gas is lighter than air the sensor should be mounted close to the ceiling. Gases with a density close to air should be within the breathing zone, usually between four and six feet above the floor. The detection head should be placed in an area with good circulation and not a ‘dead air spot’, where there is little air movement.

Shawcity offers a range of fixed-point gas detectors, in order to ensure that personnel are protected against specific toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gas levels. We supply bespoke systems from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including DEGA, GDS, Crowcon, Honeywell and Ion Science.

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