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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

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24 Apr 2024

Remedial Works Retained Health & Safety

Safety First Group Stand: 3/F56

What remedial works can Safety First offer?

Once we have completed your Legionella risk assessment, sampling or monitoring, our specialist team can than identify any risks that will require remedial works to reduce the potential growth of Legionella in your water system- and crucially install pre-emptive measures to ensure your business will not suffer from the consequences of Legionella.

Remedial works provided by Safety First will make a total improvement on the design of your existing water system and can also include;

  • removing limescale
  • cleaning water storage tanks
  • removing old or redundant pipework
  • insulating existing pipework.

Additional remedial works that we can conduct include;

  • thermostatic mixer valves (TMV) repair or replacement
  • the installation and maintenance of dosing systems such as Chlorine Dioxide
  • the replacement of Calorifiers and Water Heaters to improve efficiency and reduce risk
  • installation or replacement of manual or electric showers amongst other measures that are bespoke for your requirements.

Safety First’s Remedial Works

Leading the team to identify and carry out any remedial works will be our highly qualified and experienced Water Hygiene Manager.

With over ten years’ experience, Safety First’s highly qualified specialist team in health and safety signifies the commitment we have in leading the way in Legionella control – we are 100 per cent committed and focused on the control of Legionella.

Safety First offers a full remedial works package or simply a one-off turnkey service as determined by our Water Hygiene Manager and the team. They will cater their services to exactly what you require, and be rest assured you and your business are in expert hands for all things water hygiene.

The thought of remedial works, and even indeed just the possibility of the growth of Legionella itself, can appear daunting. Rest assured, we are the experts and will deal with all aspects, including the routine monitoring of hot and cold-water systems, safety measures moving forward and ensuring minimal disruption to your business and employees.

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