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Vaculex® Ergonomic Lifters

Piab Ltd Stand: C20

Vaculex® TP is extremely versatile and can handle a great variety of goods of different size, shape and weight. It grips the goods from any side and you can easily rotate and angle to place where required. Standard capacity is 40 kg which can be increased to 65 kg.

Vaculex® TPH is the solution when headroom is restricted, and it is normally installed on a lightweight aluminum overhead system. This patented horizontal lift tube technology allows installation in areas as low as 2,5 m headroom (sometimes possible even at 2 m), allowing maximum lift height to be achieved.

Vaculex® VL is a user-friendly and powerful lifter, operated with two hands, mostly used in general industry where the need for specialized heavy-duty tools are common. Vaculex® VL can lift boxes, sacks, drums, metal sheets, doors, computers, crates, barrels, TVs, white goods, furniture and much more - anything up to 250 kg.

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