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The best of both worlds: safety glasses with uvex supravison®


protecting people – this is what uvex represents not only in sport, but also industrial health and safety. Thomas Dreßen, the most recent winner of the Streif downhill ski race, is demonstrating how much the two worlds benefit from each other. When Thomas Dreßen waits in the starting gate at the World Cup, everything is on the line. It is not just his mind or body that determine whether he wins or loses, but also his equipment. It must be coordinated perfectly so he can concentrate entirely on his goal. His uvex helmet and ski goggles with uvex supravison® lens technology are always part of the kit. The service team of the German Ski Association, who ensure that athletes can compete on perfectly prepared racing skis, also need protection in their work and also trusts uvex safety glasses. What ski goggles and safety glasses have in common is the uvex supravision® coating technology, which provides reliable anti-fog, even when the temperature drastically changes.

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