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uvex UV400 — 100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends UV protection up to 400 nm. Most industrial safety eyewear only complies with the industry standard, which prescribes protection up to 380 nanometres. The latest scientific findings show that this is not enough. Although it offers 100% protection against UVB rays, it only provides partial protection against equally dangerous UVA radiation.


uvex safety eyewear with UV400 protection offer 100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation. uvex UV400 completely reduces cell heating, which increases 10-fold in the range from 380 to 400 nanometers. At the same time, the safety glasses reduce the aggressive blue light component (HEV) by 15%, which is particularly harmful to the retina. Whether tinted or clear glasses: Effective uvex UV400 protection is part of the standard equipment for all uvex safety glasses, so that the eyes and surrounding skin tissue of every worker is protected against long-term damage.

More information about uvex UV400: https://www.uvex-safety.com/en/produc... https://www.uvex-safety.com/en/

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