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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham



Evac Chair International Ltd

Stand: 3/U10
  • | Emergency/First aid equipment

Evac+Chair is the original manufacturer and global leader in emergency evacuation chairs. With over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of evacuation chairs, we're relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives. With a range of accreditations, our product quality is superior to other means-of-escape.


+44 121 706 6744


Unit 4
Central Boulevard
Blythe Valley Park
West Midlands
B90 8AW
United Kingdom
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Product Gallery

  • 200H

    01 Apr 2022
    The 200H is designed for horizontal evacuation, to transfer the mobility impaired to refuge areas from single storey buildings. Its aluminium construction means it is strong, yet lightweight and can a ...
  • 300H MK5

    01 Apr 2022
    The 300H MK5 is our lightweight evacuation chair, which features a double handed grip, anti-slip grip and redesigned hammock. Its unique friction belt system ensures a safe and comfortable evacuation ...
  • 500H MK5

    01 Apr 2022
    The 500H MK5 is our robust evacuation chair for any passenger build with an increased payload capacity of up to 227kg. Featuring a double hand grip, descent control handle and footrest. The descent co ...
  • Anti-Theft Device

    01 Apr 2022
    Protect your Evac+Chair or other building assets using our anti-theft device, which is fitted with a key-controlled alarm. The alarm is self contained in red polycarbonate housing with a compact desig ...
  • 600H MK5

    01 Apr 2022
    The 600H MK5 is designed for descending and carrying up small flights of stairs and lifting over obstructions. Its front and rear grab handles enable two to four persons to lift the 600H MK5. The uniq ...
  • IBEX

    01 Apr 2022
    The Ibex is a robust two-person operation evacuation chair with a payload capacity of 159kg, suitable for spiral and narrow staircases. Designed to enable ascent and descent evacuation, the telescopic ...
  • 900H Power

    19 May 2021
    The 900H Power is a 24V Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair. The Powered Belt Track System reduces manual handling, enabling ascent and descent evacuation. Quick and easy to opera ...
  • Transfer Board

    01 Apr 2022
    The purpose of the transfer board is to bridge the gap between two seats, for example, a wheel chair to evacuation chair and vice-versa. A transfer can then be carried out whilst negating the need to ...
  • Comfy Seat

    01 Apr 2022
    The Evac+Chair Comfy Seat will provide patients with an equal level of comfort comparative to a wheel chair seating arrangement. It is ergonomically designed and manufactured from memory foam which ai ...

Video Gallery

  • 300H MK5

    01 Mar 2021 Louise Shade

    The Evac+Chair 300H MK5 is lightweight and features a double hand grip, a redesigned hammock and unique friction belt to ensure a safe evacuation for the mobility impaired.

  • 900H Power

    19 May 2021 Louise Shade

    The 900H Power is a 24V, Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair. Designed for one-person operation, it facilitates a smooth, safe and quick method of upward or downward evacuation.

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