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Health & Safety Event 2022

30 April -2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham



09 Apr 2021

Advanced eye protection against Covid-19 for healthcare professionals – an exclusive Bollé Safety technology

Bollé Safety Stand: 3/B50

Viruses & infections’ protection

Bollé Safety offers certified products compliant with the most stringent international standards. Its anti-fog PPE product range is tailored to protect professionals who are at high risk of being exposed to bodily fluids when providing care to patients. It is the company’s shared commitment to provide the highest quality protection for all healthcare workers.

The importance of a clear vision

Bollé Safety’s unique and exclusive permanent double sided anti-fog and anti-scratch PLATINUM® coating is available on safety glasses and goggles, including prescription glasses. It is the first company in the world to supply all their prescription lenses with PLATINUM® coating, giving all eyewear a high resistance to scratching and delays the onset of fogging. The PLATINUM® technology ensures improved protection and guarantees greater safety, reliability, and comfort in all circumstances.

Most protective eyewear on the market only protects the inside of the lens against fogging, and the outside against scratching. Bollé Safety offers more comprehensive protection by applying its innovative coating on both sides of the lens. PLATINUM® relies on a chemical coating incorporating both hydrophilic materials that absorb moisture and hydrophobic techniques that divert excess moisture to the sides of the lens.


Comfortable equipment you can wear all day long

Our protective eyewear is featherweight and comfortable to be worn all day long. Bollé Safety has worked on adjustable features and smart technologies to make sure that each frame sits perfectly on any face, regardless of its size. Our glasses ensure a comfortable and secure experience and diminish risks in the work environment.

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Bollé Safety, the PPE eyewear specialists.

With a wide range of innovative, comfortable, and protective safety eyewear, Bollé Safety has the right equipment for your unique needs. Led by innovation for over 130 years, we develop all our products to go beyond our users’ expectations. Our range of protective eyewear provides all healthcare professionals with the highest levels of protection, clarity, and vision while our lens innovations ensure improved eyes protection.

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