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Health & Safety Event 2022

30 April -2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham



15 Mar 2023


Polyco Healthline Stand: 3/E50

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans. Rivers are the main source of ocean plastic pollution; they are the arteries that carry waste from land to the oceans. A portion of this plastic travels to ocean garbage patches, getting caught in a vortex of circulating currents. What we see washing up on our shores is only the tip of the iceberg. If no action is taken, the plastic will increasingly impact our ecosystems and health for decades if not centuries to come. Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic are estimated to currently litter the ocean. Floating plastics trapped in the patches will keep circulating until they break down into smaller pieces, becoming harder to clean up and eventually ending up being ingested by sealife.

To rid the oceans of plastic, we need to not only clean up what is already out there, but also stop new plastic from entering the ocean.

Here, at Polyco Healthline, we are committed to do our bit for the planet. Our growing range of Polyflex Eco® gloves are made from recycled plastic water bottles diverted from landfills, thus preventing plastic waste from polluting our rivers and oceans.

Our General Handling Polyflex Eco® gloves: PEN & PEL use up 1x500ml recycled plastic bottle for every pair.
Our newly launched Polyflex Eco® Thermal glove : PETH uses 2.5x500ml recycled plastic bottles for every pair.

Polyflex® Eco gloves offer a greener and more sustainable way to protect your hands whilst not compromising on quality and performance. This means that, together, we now have the power to make a difference. By opting for a Polyflex® Eco glove, you are contributing to the global clean up.

But we wish to go one step further; we wish to close the loop and help ocean clean-up initiatives to capture plastic waste that has already entered our waters.

For every BUNDLE of Polyflex® Eco gloves we sell,
We PLEDGE US$1 for Ocean plastic Clean up, That's 1lb pound of Plastic waste collected per bundle.

Our first pledge is to offer our November and December donation to #TeamSeas

Ridding the world's oceans of plastic requires worldwide action - it is a problem of global proportion. YouTubers Mark Rober and MrBeast announced their latest fundraising campaign, #TeamSeas to enact a movement of this proportion. #TeamSeas aims to motivate global social media creators and fans to create content about cleaning the oceans and direct their communities to #TeamSeas to contribute to the initiative. For every dollar raised, one pound of trash will be removed from rivers, beaches, or oceans - with the ultimate goal of raising $30 million (USD) to clean up 30 million pounds of trash.

#TeamSeas kicked off on October 29, 2021 and has set January 1, 2022, as the target date to reach its goal. All funds collected will be evenly distributed to the two non-profit organisations committed to removing one pound of garbage for every dollar: The Ocean Cleanup and Ocean Conservancy. The latter will employ their efforts toward cleaning beaches and removing ghost gear from the world's ocean, and The Ocean Cleanup will cover rivers.

All funds raised through #TeamSeas and donated to The Ocean Cleanup will be put into the build, deployment, and operations of the Interceptor technology to prevent plastic and debris from entering the oceans via rivers. Interceptors in operation in 2022 will contribute to this goal, while being supported by local implementation partners, such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

"Our mission is one of global proportion, therefore it's crucial that we amplify our message," said Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO, The Ocean Cleanup.

Join us in our effort to rid oceans from plastic waste and to grow a more sustainable PPE Hand Protection Industry

As well as purchasing PolyflexEco® gloves, you can also donate directly to and

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