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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

Product Showcase


Product Showcase

  • MY Compliance Management is a comprehensive and easy-to-use system to manage compliance across your whole business.

    Clients typically save £5k - £60K moving to us - so how much could we save you? 

  • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM gives you clear visibility on KPIs, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that will help lower operational costs and drive dock turnover.


    - Knowledge That Goes Beyond Information -


  • POWERCHOCK® AUTO, the ultimate evolution of a 30 years-old proven concept, is simple, versatile, reliable and semi-automatic* vehicle restraining system for any type of vehicles.

    Inside the facility, an operator presses a button on the control panel that automatically positions the wheel chock in front of the furthest wheel of the loading bay. *No driver intervention is required to set the wheel chock for securing the vehicle.


  • POWERCHOCK® HYBRID wheel restraint system secures the widest range of vehicle types on loading bays.

    From semi-trailers... to delivery vans!

  • POWERCHOCK® 9 | Swap Bodies & Trailers

    20 Feb 2024 GMR Safety Inc.

    POWERCHOCK® 9 is innovative, designed to secure both swap bodies and semi-trailers at loading bays.

  • POWERCHOCK® 7 is a new generation of wheel restraint system locking the chock onto the ground plate for additional safety.

  • With the use of an ergonomic articulated arm, handling of the POWERCHOCK® 5 wheel chock is actually effortless for all drivers.

  • POWERCHOCK ® 3 is an easy-to-handle, manual wheel restraint system, highly suitable for narrow spaces between loading bays, with an unparalleled quality-price ratio. 


    Seamless knitted glove, 15 gauge, in 100% grey texturized polyamide with elastane for comfort. Black microfoam nitrile coating on palm and fingertips for grip and resistance. Elastic wrist for optimal ...

    Extra flexible goat grain leather glove for a maximum comfort, “fourchettes” assembling for a better durability and an improved ergonomics to reach optimal dexterity for TIG welding applications for e ...


    Hyperfit gloves comply with the European EN 388 standard. Their palm and fingertip coating makes them very strong, and they are also compatible with touch screens.



    Our protective gloves are made from the finest leathers and high-performance flame-retardant materials, giving the ProRescue range excellent heat and abrasion resistance. LEBON glove protection, whether from heat or from cuts, meets the highest protection and safety requirements. Furthermore, these protective gloves provide excellent mobility and enhanced comfort. The ProRescue range combines the best protection and unrivalled comfort.



    Our protective gloves are made from the finest leathers and high-performance flame-retardant materials, giving the ProRescue range excellent heat and abrasion resistance. LEBON glove protection, whether from heat or from cuts, meets the highest protection and safety requirements. Furthermore, these protective gloves provide excellent mobility and enhanced comfort. The ProRescue range combines the best protection and unrivalled comfort.

  • EVOGuard® Product Range

    17 Jan 2020 JSP Safety


    The EVOGuard®C Industrial Browguard system and the M Forestry browguard and helmet systems provide innovative solutions, protecting the wearer in a multitude of high-risk working environments. EVOGuard® visor components are fully compatible with a range of JSP's existing EVO® helmet models.

  • Hardcap Aerolite®

    16 Aug 2021 JSP Safety


    The HardCap AeroLite® is one of the lightest full shell bump caps available on the market and provides complete protection in its category by meeting the requirements of the EN812:2012 Standard.  HardCap AeroLite® weighs less than 135g without compromising on performance. 

  • EVO® VISTA® Range

    15 Feb 2024 Raymond Puffitt


    EVO®VISTA® is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on proven Evolution® head protection technology. The EVO® VISTAshield® and EVO®VISTAlens® helmets incorporate fully retractable optical class 1 eye protection that is easy to deploy, adjust and maintain.

  • Sonis® Ear Defenders

    16 Aug 2021 JSP Safety


    The Sonis® range has been stylishly designed with a traffic light colour code for easy identification. Materials have been chosen for both performance and comfort for extended periods of use.

    Face-fit testing is reassuring, but how can you be sure that you have donned the mask correctly each time you wear it? With PressToCheck™ filters you can instantly check that you have the correct seal every time you don your mask before entering the hazard zone

  • Powercap® Infinity®

    20 Jan 2020 JSP Safety

    A fully integrated TH3 powered air respirator offering 4 of the highest levels of protection in one intuitive head mounted unit. Giving the wearer complete above the neck 4 in 1 protection. PowerCap® Infinity®, the perfect choice for many industries where dust poses a great danger to health. The unit provides the very latest in Powered Air Purifying Respiratory technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection.

  • Sonis® Comms - Team Communication Headsets

    15 Feb 2024 Raymond Puffitt

    Sonis® Comms is a powerful communication tool, providing group intercom and active hearing protection for safe teamwork in high-noise environments. Embedded DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology creates an autonomous private network for seamless team communication.

  • The new EVO® ALTA™ offers all-round impact protection. The mountaineering-style helmet features a specialised shell structure and internal liner to increase durability and shock absorption performance ...
  • IOSH

    13 Feb 2024 OMS

    OMS are proud to work with IOSH and offer its industry-leading courses, each of which can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs.




    13 Feb 2024 OMS

    At OMS, we offer a number of NEBOSH programmes designed to help you and your teams learn the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the health and safety industry, as well as gain the recognition they deserve.

  • The CITB Site Safety Plus Scheme provides the building, civil engineering and allied industries with a range of courses for people seeking to develop skills in this area. Our courses are designed to give everyone from operative to senior manager the skills they need to progress through the industry. 

  • OMS are accredited to deliver a range of highly popular City & Guild qualifications, including the popular Construction NVQ qualifications.

    Not only are City & Guilds qualifications valued by employers across the world, but they help individuals to develop their talents and abilities for career progression.

  • The training matrix reimagined. Everything finally in one place.


  • Create better RAMS in less time with HandsHQ 


  • Our wide range of head protection products ensure your team stay protected in all industries.

  • A range of FR accessories to to use in addition to our garments, ensuring the maximum levels of protection.

  • Non-arc flash base layers can compromise the protection given by arc flash layers worn on top of them. Protect your team with our arc rated baselayers.

  • All garments are certified for use in Rail environments too due to meeting the Rail Industry Standard, RIS-3279.

  • Ideal for environments where high-visibility is of high importance, this range features a variety of product types and high-visibility standards to suit any team.

  • ProGARM® is the first company to launch a sustainable range of arc flash and flame resistant PPE which looks and, crucially, performs, just like our core garments.

  • The Klever Xchange35 is ideal for:

    - single and double wall corrugate

    - plastic banding

    - zip ties

    - film and stretch wrap

    - packing tape

  • The Klever Eco Xchange35 is ideal for:

    - Single wall corrugate


    -Stretch & Shrink wrap

    -Plastic banding


    -Zip ties

    -Scraping labels

  • REBEL Auto-Retract Squeeze Safety Knife

    08 Feb 2024 Mike Dalton

    The REBEL Auto-Retractable Squeeze Safety Knife is ideal for: 

    - single / double wall boxes 

    - plastic banding

    - tape and bags

    - film, stretchwrap and shrinkwrap

  • VICTA Smart-Retract Safety Knife

    08 Feb 2024 Mike Dalton

    The VICTA Smart-Retract Safety Knife is ideal for:

    - triple wall boxes

    - tape and film 

    - stetch and shrinkwrap

    - bags 

    - plastic banding 

  • The Slice® 10494 Smart-Retracting Metal Squeeze Knife is ideal for:

    - opneing, cutting and disassembling boxes

    - cutting zip ties, tape and banding

    - slicing plastic wrap and super sacks

  • The Slice® 10563 Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife provides all the safety of Slice’s finger-friendly® tools with the ease of a squeeze trigger that exposes the blade. This handle style is ideal for working with gloves; one quick squeeze and your blade is ready to go to work. Locking feature prevents blade exposure when the knife isn’t in use. Blade change is easy with a one-button switch and no extra tools required. 

  • The Two Tone Collection is an adaptable, cross-industry range which combines high-vis yellow and navy to create a solution ready for tough environments.

  • The ProGARM® Single Colour Collection features a range of 100% VXS+ inherent garments tested for minimal shrinkage, low colour washout and for long-standing protection against Arc Flash incidents.

  • SureSwab Rapid

    24 Jan 2024 SureScreen Diagnostics

    SureSwab Rapid is an easy-to-use screening test to detect multiple drug parameters in oral fluid. 

  • Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System

    30 Apr 2024 Intelligent Fingerprinting

    The Intelligent Fingerprinting drug screening system is an on-the-spot, 10-minute test that works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for recent drug use. The non-invasive system consists of a portable reader and single-use disposable cartridges. The system is used by HR departments for workplace drug testing across a range of safety critical industries including construction, manufacturing and engineering, transport and logistics firms.

  • Rack Collapse Prevention

    19 Jan 2024 Kathryn Watts

    The 'only proven' racking safety system to eliminate racking collapse, our safety system is ideal for all and any environments using pallet racking.

  • This IIRSM-approved course equips you to safely use and evaluate machinery under PUWER and UKCA/CE regulations. Learn:

    • Safe operation & maintenance (PUWER).
    • Compliant machinery purchase & modification (CE/UKCA).
    • Design & validation of safe machinery control systems.
    • Relevant BS EN standards for compliance.

    4-day training, on-site or in-house. Dates in Feb & June 2024.

  • The Guardian Quick Switch Tool Transfer System is a patented, unique and innovative product, designed to ensure that tools cannot be dropped from height whilst working with the tool or transferring the tool to an anchor point or another person.

  • Webbing Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

    15 Mar 2022 Guardian Fall

    The Guardian Webbing Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (WTHL) is designed to simplify the process for temporary installations to protect against falls from height.

  • Series Safety Harnesses

    15 Feb 2022 Peter Upcott

    Designed for comfort, the Guardian Series, 4-point safety harness range is the
    perfect fall and restraint harness solution. With rear and front attachment points, the harnesses are ideal for construction, roofing, contracting and general industry.


    30 Jan 2023 K BUTCHER
    What Is The Dock? The HAVSense docking station provides all the facilities required for using dosimeters to monitor hand-arm vibration. In conjunction with the HAVSense software the dock charges and a ...

    30 Jan 2023 K BUTCHER
    Worn under the glove on either hand, the HAVSense Dosimeter monitors, measures and records the actual vibration dosage entering the operator’s hands and therefore accurately and reliably meets require ...

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