Professional Development Zone


Professional Development Zone

Health and Safety Event - Professional Development Zone Sponsored by HSE Recruitment Network

Sponsored by HSE Recruitment Network

At the Professional Development Zone, HSE Recruitment Network's team of advisors will be on hand to offer expert advice to advance your career and support your future growth as a health and safety professional.

Featuring live onstage interviews and a series of training, workshops and content sessions, this interactive zone will equip you with the tools and techniques to unlock your potential.

Accelerate your professional career

  • Get the latest insight to future proof your career as a health and safety practitioner
  • Advice on personal branding and how to make yourself highly marketable
  • Honest feedback on your progression and development, both academically and professionally
  • Psychometric profiling - learn about team culture and how to build strong teams
  • Get advice on how to get the best hire for your team – and speak to a dedicated advisor about your hiring needs
  • Hear about the best new vacancies on the market – and find your dream job!

Career, Culture and Community

HSE Recruitment Network will hosting a series of sessions focusing on the three important C's. Career, Culture and Community.

Morning sessions - Career

Join us for live interviews with some of the most impressive safety professionals in the UK. Each morning we will be probing senior professionals from varied industries to find out more about their career path, their qualifications, their achievements and approach. Take the opportunity to get advice from people who have been in your shoes, and learn how you can best propel yourself forward and get the most from your career.

Afternoon Sessions - Culture and Community

Afternoons will be dedicated to learning about culture change, as well as pressing issues in the safety community. With dedicated sessions on; building a strong personal brand, the changing world of work, and diversity and inclusion, there will be opportunities to pick up tips on developing a modern and engaged safety culture as well as a diverse workforce. Also featured will be live psychometric profiling sessions, with professionals being advised on their personal profiles in front of the audience. These sessions will aim to show how profiling can be used to develop a team and get the best out of your staff and colleagues – creating harmonious working environments! 

About HSE Recruitment Network

The UK's leading Health, Safety, Environmental & Risk Management recruitment specialists

Established in 2002, The HSE Recruitment Network is the most recognised and trusted brand in the UK Health & Safety recruitment sector. Our recruitment consultants are proud and passionate advocates of the Health & Safety industry, and equally of the diverse range of individuals who specialise in Health, Safety, Wellbeing, Environmental and Risk Management.

Our knowledge extends beyond the identification, attraction and assessment of HSE talent to genuine subject matter expertise, developed through an ongoing commitment to thought-leadership events across the HSE sector.


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