• SentriGate at the NEC

    08 Sep 2021 Peter Cotter
  • The loudest part of a machine

    05 Sep 2021 Richard OSullivan

    The SOUNDCAM video at 100fps is slowed down to show the sound of a stamping machine during a single stamping operation. If you think the stamping itself is loudest, you might be surprised...

  • This video hows the potential of using our portable acoustic cameras (SOUNDCAMS) to quickly locate victims buried under snow/rubble etc. even whilst heavy maschinery is working nearby. 

  • Remote Work Assurance from Vyntelligence

    02 Sep 2021 Vyntelligence

    Vyn SmartVideoNotes empower your field service teams with the ability to assure quality and safety of works, remotely.

  • Keeping your workforce safe on site is obviously paramount, but with limited visibility on the ground, how can this be managed?

  • iTip Handles in Construction & DIY

    02 Sep 2021 Andy Hill

    The HSE state that 12,000 non-fatal injuries from lifting, moving and carrying occur on-site every year. Rotating handles reduce the chance of strain and injury when moving and rotating laden barrows.

  • Roll cages are designed to move goods around from distribution till they eventually arrive on the retailer's shelf. They are dangerous when handled, offering little protection and comfort to the user.

  • By using iTip handles it is possible to reduce the number of construction workers, agriculture workers and landscapers injured as a result of musculoskeletal disorders. 

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