Health & Safety Event 2022

5-7 April 2022
NEC, Birmingham




  • This short informational video explains what the IOSH Working Safely E-Learning is, and who it's best suited for.

  • This informational video explains more about the IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course, and who the course is for. 

  • Emergency Call Buttons, LRS Connect & ConnectSpot, Logistics

    12 Jan 2022 Long Range Systems UK Ltd

    Emergency Call Buttons from LRS UK. LRS Connect and ConnectSpot for staff and customer management tracking. Logistics Paging and Two-way Radios.

  • We have now launched our new range of Photoionisation Detectors designed to detect and alarm for toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which raises the standard. 

  • Introducing the POLI Multi Gas Monitor

    International Gas Detectors Ltd

    The Poli multi gas monitor can detect up to 5 gases in one advanced model. With the option of a built in pump, allowing for pre-entry checks. Sensor options for over 30+ gases.

  • The PID NEO is one of the most advanced portable VOC gas detectors available. Able to detect down to parts per billion levels (ppb) and up to 15,000 parts per million (ppm) levels.

  • SGT-P Single Gas Portable Detectors

    International Gas Detectors Ltd

    Designed for harsh conditions and to alert employees of any dangerous levels of gas in the area. The SGT-P is the engineers choice in personal gas detection.

  • MGT Portable Multi Gas Confined Space Detector

    International Gas Detectors Ltd

    The MGT multi gas portable detector is a light weight, compact and ergonomically designed. Ideal for confined spaces. Our video introduces some of the key features of the MGT multi gas detector.

  • Introducing the Senko iGAS Personal CO2 detector. Designed to protect staff from the hazards of carbon dioxide in a portable and compact format.

  • Introducing the new TOCSIN 635 gas detection control. Utilising our ground breaking 2-Wire Addressable technology and providing clients with a cost effective panel with a whole host of features.

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