• See our new video about LOTO procedures

  • Cooking Demonstrations

    02 Apr 2021 Anna Mason

    Help your employees cook their way to better health 

    Our cookery demonstration workshops can increase kitchen confidence to inspire healthier meal and snack choices.

  • EV4000

    24 Mar 2021 Nick Cox

    EV4000 in use

  • EV8000 Video

    24 Mar 2021 Nick Cox

    Video of the EV8000 Power in use

  • Clear up your doubts with PLATINUM® : the exclusive anti-fog technology that ensures reliability, comfort and ultimate protection.
  • The Pawā® range consists of 5 different series. Discover the first, Series One in more detail. Under the strain of daily working life, Pawā® gloves are designed to take on more, day after day. With qu ...
  • When dust is generated on jobsites or in the event of a natural disaster, it is important to monitor the air quality in the surrounding areas.

  • Pollution can affect air quality across a region or city, but can also be localized to a community, neighborhood, or even a single building.

  • What is a respirator fit test? And how does fit testing allow us to know if respirators will protect staff?

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