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Health & Safety Event 2022

25-27 April 2023
NEC, Birmingham

Product Showcase


Product Showcase

  • Klick Fast is a tried and tested Peter Jones innovation. 

    Manufactured in the UK, Klick Fast offers secure, hands-free carrying of portable devices.

  • The FORTiS range provides additional protection and hands-free portability for mobile devices, including smartphones. Moulded from robust ABS, FORTiS holders feature a Klick Fast Connector on the rear for attachment to all Peter Jones Klick Fast Docks. Devices are securely retained in the FORTiS by a “claw” at each corner.

  • The Klick Fast Armband allows the wearer to attach a device to the upper arm, forearm or wrist without the need for permanent alterations to clothing. The Klick Fast Armband allows any Klick Fast-enabled device, such as scanners, safety monitors and personal alarms, to be attached to the Klick Fast Dock at the front of the Armband. 

  • C.A.T4® and Genny4® products provide a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools helping professionals to drive best locating practice, reduce the number of cable strikes, and dig more safely

  • Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System

    30 Mar 2023 Intelligent Fingerprinting

    The Intelligent Fingerprinting drug screening system is an on-the-spot, 10-minute test that works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for recent drug use. The non-invasive system consists of a portable reader and single-use disposable cartridges. The system is used by HR departments for workplace drug testing across a range of safety critical industries including construction, manufacturing and engineering, transport and logistics firms.

  • Confined Space Courses

    29 Mar 2023 Michael James

    Our city and guilds confined space training includes practical elements. 

    Our experienced trainer will teach you how to work safely in confined spaces and how to enter and exit confined spaces safely.

    You will receive a City and Guilds confined space certificate after successfully completing this course.

  • IPAF Training

    27 Mar 2023 Michael James

    IPAF training teaches delegates how to operate mobile elevating working platforms.

    IPAF, short for the International Powered Access Federation, is an awarding body that promotes the effective and safe use of powered access equipment worldwide.

    3B Training is an IPAF accredited training provider and we deliver IPAF 1b and IPAF 3a 3b courses.

  • At Protex AI, we're helping enterprise EHS teams to revolutionise how they make proactive safety decisions that help contribute to a safer work environment.

    Our AI-powered technology is enabling businesses to gain greater visibility of unsafe behaviours in their facilities. The privacy-preserving platform plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure and uses its computer vision technologies to capture unsafe events autonomously in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and ports.

  • COMING SOON - uvex 1 trainer - Keeps pace with your active lifestyle both on and off the job

    Designed for those that spend most of their working day standing, walking or generally active, the uvex 1 trainer provides comfort, support, cushioning and high levels of slip resistance.


    28 Mar 2023 ABOUTBLU by

    LE MANS  available in low and mid version and different colors. S3  SRC UKCA EN ISO 20345:2011 certification.




    28 Mar 2023 ABOUTBLU by


    S3/S1P ESD SRC UKCA DGUV112-191 EN ISO 20345:2011



    28 Mar 2023 ABOUTBLU by





  • V-TEC™ Self-Retracting Lifeline

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety
    With premium  stainless steel components and innovative engineering, the V-TEC Self Retracting Lifeline incorporates a precision-made spring radial energy absorber that requires zero calibration or ad ...
  • V-SHOCK™ Personal Fall Limiter 3m

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety

    The V-SHOCK Retractable Lanyard is designed to take a beating in the roughest environments and maintains consistent performance under extreme use from one project to the next.

  • V-Gard® H1 Safety Helmet

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety

    The V-Gard® H1 Safety Helmet provides exceptional comfort and ease of use in a stylish low-profile hard hat design. A complete above-the-neck platform for all applications.

  • The V-Gard 950 Class 2 safety helmet has been developed for electrical activities requiring demanding arc flash protection up to 7kA. This balanced and lightweight unvented electrician's helmet featur ...
  • LET'S LOGO Free Hard Hat Branding

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety
    With the MSA LOGO EXPRESS® hard hat printing service, it is now easier than ever to put your logo on your operators' safety helmets and communicate your brand wherever they are. Currently using anothe ...
  • Balanced and lightweight electrician's safety helmet, non-vented, with 6-point Fas-Trac® III ratchet suspension, GS-ET-29 class 1 (4kA) face shield certified for protection against arc flash. For use ...
  • Latchways Overhead Lifeline Systems

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety
    Missing structural elements are often critical in environments such as warehouses, loading bays, factories, maintenance bays or airplane hangars. MSA's Latchways® Overhead Lifeline Systems help to ove ...
  • Latchways Horizontal Lifeline Systems

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety
    The MSA range of Latchways® Horizontal Lifeline Systems provide a permanent fall protection for maintenance works in all industrial environments. The setup of Latchways® Horizontal Lifeline Systems is ...
  • ALTAIR io™ 4 Gas Detection Wearable

    24 Mar 2023 MSA Safety
    The ALTAIR io 4 is a secure, smart gas detector with out-of-the-box connectivity packed into an ultra-rugged design - featuring our XCell sensor platform which continues to lead the industry in lifeti ...
  • Be sure to be seen – wear EN ISO 20471 certified garments ensuring you high visibility. Then you are optimally protected when you work in the traffic and at workplaces where larger moving machines can ...
  • We are experts in high-frequency welding, which is the absolute strongest production technology for waterproof workwear in PU – because with high-frequency welding you achieve a joint that is as stron ...
  • The Lifeline AUTO

    23 Mar 2023 Martek Lifecare
    The Lifeline AUTO: an essential part of any emergency response plan. The Lifeline AUTO is designed to be simple and intuitive. With one-button operation, it's been proven by an Independent study that ...
  • The Lifeline VIEW

    23 Mar 2023 Martek Lifecare
    The Lifeline VIEW: Your trusted companion for cardiac rescue The Lifeline VIEW harnesses the power of video to bring you step-by-step CPR and defibrillation instructions. With its expansive, full-colo ...
  • The Lifeline AED

    14 Mar 2023 Martek Lifecare
    The Lifeline AED: an essential part of any emergency response plan.   The Lifeline AED is designed to be simple and intuitive. As proven by an Independent Study, anyone can use this AED without traini ...
  • A total ecosystem for measuring safety.

    Modjoul, available from Stanley, is an ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies and data intelligence to make your workplace safer and more efficient, resulting in happier employees and stronger companies.

    The platform combines sensors, radio frequency identification [RFID], and cutting-edge SmartBelt wearables to create safer places of work.

    Manage your worker safety by simply wearing our unique SmartBelt.

  • The AI platform that enables data-driven implementations of safety technologies by leveraging computer vision, wearables, biomechanics and ergonomics.

  • Spill Site Survey

    14 Feb 2022 Julie Webb

    We offer site survey assessments to identify your at risks spill areas. We will then provide a full report detailing spill kits and stations required to ensure your business is compliant and remains safe.

  • Complete managed spill solutions

    16 Feb 2022 Julie Webb

    Spill360 – a complete spill management service

    This service ensures your business always has the correct spill products on site, whilst saving you time, resource and money and essentially peace of mind that your business remains compliant.  

  • Interactive & engaging classroom & practical workshop. The qualification aim is to enable the delegate to demonstrate that they have the technical knowledge and practical skills required to complete an appropriate and safe installation of a compressed gases system

  • LPG Gases Safety Course

    21 Mar 2023 Thomas Heeley

    Covering the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of LPG gases used in all applications. The course is suitable for all persons involved in the use of LPG tools and equipment.

  • Cryogenic Gases Safety Course

    21 Mar 2023 Thomas Heeley

    Nationally accredited, Interactive & engaging course covering the hazards, safe use, filling & handling of cryogenic gases used in industries such as medical, engineering, manufacturing & produce.

  • Compressed Gases Safety Course

    21 Mar 2023 Thomas Heeley

    Interactive & engaging course. Covering the safe use, handling, storage & transportation of bottled gases used in Laboratory & Industrial applications.

  • Oxy-fuel Gases Safety Course

    21 Mar 2023 Thomas Heeley

    This oxy-acetylene / propane gases safety course provides learners with an understanding of the hazards and properties of oxy-fuel gases used in applications such as cutting, brazing, soldering & welding.

  • Quantum Indoor is a powerful noise monitoring solution with built-in cloud connectivity, ideally suited for unattended indoor noise monitoring across various applications. Quantum Indoor can be used f ...
  • The Revo Vibration Meter provides a simple and convenient way to measure, analyse and assess vibration data in accordance with standards such as ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC. Capable of ...
  • Original doseBadge

    20 Mar 2023 Callum Wallis
    The Original doseBadge is a wireless personal noise dosimeter to perform occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements of personal noise exposure. The Original doseBadge has been designed to ...
  • The SoundSign Noise-activated Warning Sign

    20 Mar 2023 Callum Wallis
    The SoundSign from Cirrus Research is an easy-to-install noise-activated warning sign for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level has been reach ...
  • The top-of-the-range Optimus+ Green has been specifically designed as an environmental noise meter and is perfect for measuring and monitoring exposure to noise pollution and environmental noise sourc ...
  • Measuring noise at work doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. The Optimus+ Red noise at work sound level meter makes noise level measurements incredibly easy and straightfoward, as it uses advance ...

    20 Mar 2023 Sarah McOnie

    HEAD15 Work/Rescue Set provides 15 minutes wearer protection at a higher breathing rate for rescue or working in areas of smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency.

  • HEAD10 Escape Set

    19 Feb 2020 Semmco LPS

    The HEAD10 Escape Set provides 10 minutes maximum wearer protection for an individual in an emergency against areas of smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency. 


    20 Mar 2023 Semmco LPS

    The HEAD RPE/CSRE (Cell Snatch Rescue Equipment) has been developed for use by HMP, providing a safe environment for prison officers.

  • MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED is workwear that is durable and smart, and where innovative features, great freedom of movement and high comfort are considered from the start.

  • HSE regulations require that fuels and chemicals are transported and stored in a secure, lockable container. The Armorgard TransBank is purpose-built to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements for storing and transporting hazardous goods, while protecting them from theft, fire and leakage.

    Constructed from heavy-duty steel plate, this high quality secure container is designed to accommodate standard jerry fuel cans, and is equally suitable for use as a chemical safe.

  • The medium-duty hazardous substance cabinet that complies with all relevant COSHH regulations.

    The Armorgard SafeStor is purpose-built for the indoor safe storage of flammables and chemicals, including paint and other hazardous substances.

    Fully compliant with all legislation relating to the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH), this robust range of cabinets features a liquid-tight sump to contain spillages, as well as galvanized shelves for maximum durability.

    • effortless drum handling
    • stabilising your materials on the move
    • safe powered handling
    • Made from premium grade Nitrile.
    • Standard and Long Cuff versions for increased protection – 240 mm to 400 mm.
    • Variable thickness up to 8 Mil (0.20 mm) available - For higher level of protection and durability.
    • Superior comfort and fit.
    • Conforms to ASTM, EN 455 standards and PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
    • Powder-Free for reducing risk of allergic reactions.
    • Premium grade Nitrile for high chemical resistance.
    • Strong protection against a wide range of chemicals, oils & solvents.
    • High abrasion and puncture resistance.
    • Slip resistant pattern ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions.
    • Cotton Flocklined and Unlined versions.
    • 13" and Gauntlet 15" / 18" versions.
    • Food Contact Safe and PPE CAT III as per EU 2016/425

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