Workers' Memorial Day


Workers' Memorial Day

Workers memorial day

Remember the dead: Fight for the living

Safe work is a right not a privilege. Workers' Memorial Day, held on 28 September every year, brings together workers and their representatives from all over the world to remember workers who have been killed, seriously injured or made ill whilst doing their jobs.

Workers' Memorial Day is officially recognised by the UK government and is supported in 19 countries worldwide.

Key stats

  • One worker dies every 15 seconds worldwide.
  • 6,000 workers die every day.
  • More than two million men and women die as a result of work-related accidents and diseases
  • Workers suffer approximately 270 million accidents each year, and fall victim to some 160 million incidents of work-related illnesses
  • Hazardous substances kill 440,000 workers annually – asbestos claims 100,000 lives

Four events under one roof

health and safety logo Fire Safety Logo the security event the facilities event