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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

Product Showcase


Product Showcase

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  • The importance of Height Risk Assessment.

  • The importance of workplace noise assessments.

  • The importance of whole-body vibration assessments.

  • Through our partnership with Red One Ltd and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Training Academy, we are able to provide a range of courses.

  • Tower Supplies offers a comprehensive range of clothing, uniform and workwear solutions, including custom options tailored to specific business needs whether that's security, hospitality back or front of house, health workers, construction, manufacturing. 

  • Introducing the new Totectors Williams S7 Safety Boot, which pushes the boundaries of conventional safety footwear. It has revolutionized the industry by seamlessly fusing fashion with protection.

  • Webbing Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

    15 Mar 2022 Guardian Fall

    The Guardian Webbing Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (WTHL) is designed to simplify the process for temporary installations to protect against falls from height.

  • The DMD FRANCE Group is one of France’s top 5 workwear manufacturers. A manufacturer since 1894 and formed as a Group since 1984, DMD FRANCE is a key player in the European workwear market, producing ...
  • Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening and Collection

    01 Dec 2023 SureScreen Diagnostics

    Many of our customers conduct rapid drug screening on-site, but for instances where that is not viable, our collection and screening service is the next best thing. Our expert team efficiently collect a sample from an individual for minimum fuss and time away from work. As well as collection, we can conduct rapid screening at the same time – giving you answers there and then.


  • Workplace Environmental Assessments

    06 Oct 2023 Assurity Consulting

    Your workplace/building environment is a key factor in promoting employee wellbeing, satisfaction, loyalty and productivity, as well as preserving healthy buildings, compliance and supporting critical systems infrastructure.

  • Water Quality and Hygiene Management

    06 Oct 2023 Assurity Consulting

    Get the vital peace of mind that your drinking water in the workplace is fit and safe to drink, or is suitable to wash in and use in your processes.

  • Watersafe Pred Arctic

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Watersafe Pred Arctic (WS5) 13 Gauge Polyester liner with a 7 Gauge Acrylic, HPPE & Steel inner liner. Waterproof, Dual Coated Nitrile with Sandy palm finish.   Contact Heat Level 2. Cut Level "E".
  • Watersafe Pred Atlantic

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Watersafe Pred Atlantic (WS1). 15 gauge knitted nylon liner. Waterproof Dual coated Latex with Sandy palm finish. Cut Level 1.  
  • Watersafe Pred Pacific

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Watersafe Pred Pacific (WS3). 13 Gauge seamless Ultra High Molecular one piece Azura liner. Waterproof, Dual coated Latex with Sandy palm finish. Cut Level "C".
  • Watersafe Pred Baltic

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Watersafe Pred Baltic (WS4). 15 Gauge seamless knitted polyester liner with a 7 gaugeacrylic-loop inner liner. Waterproof dual coated Latex with Sandy palm finish. Cut Level 2.
  • Graphene fabric has found wide application in clothing and, in particular, in work-wear and technical clothing, greatly improving the quality of the garments. The most important and innovative feature ...

    21 Feb 2022 CLEAN Linen & Workwear

    Keeping washroom facilities well maintained and properly equipped is essential for the health and safety of both visitors and staff. CLEAN provides complete washroom hygiene services, including roller towels, hand dryers, soap dispensers, air fresheners, hygiene units and sanitising systems.

  • Workwear Rental and laundry services

    21 Feb 2022 CLEAN Linen & Workwear

    We will collect your garments – at a frequency agreed dependent on your needs – and launder, repair or even replace them as required before packing and returning to you.

  • Wheelygate

    12 Feb 2020 Jim Alston

    The Wheelygate offer the ultimjate in mobile traffic control. A barrier that can be unloaded, wheeled into place complete and operated remotely from uop to 200m away. 

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