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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

Product Showcase


Product Showcase

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  • GT 25+ S7

    19 Apr 2024 Sievi

    The GT 25+ is a safety shoe with GORE-TEX lining for varied conditions. GORE-TEX is a waterproof and breathable microporous film laminated onto the lining of the footwear. The foot is protected by a composite toecap and penetration-resistant steel midsole. The upper is made of durable top-grain leather. Zip fastening on the side and lacing on the top. DUAL Comfort insoles for added comfort.

  • General Health and Safety courses offered by SSG. 

  • GenZero offer Environmentally alternatives to Petrol and Diesel Generators. Helping to keep the world free of pollution, they are silent and without smelly, toxic fumes. There are no risks of fuel spills, no moving parts, so no maintenance is required.

  • The EDC Protection marine jacket in 100% cotton for the glass industry delivers maximum comfort and has an AFLAMMIT® flame-retardant treatment for greater reliability.
  • In order to choose the right heat protection glove for the thermal risks involved, it is useful and important to ask yourself three questions:What is the contact temperature? Knowing the temperature o ...
  • G6 is a connected single-gas detector that uses instant cloud connectivity and location technology to help better protect workers in industrial environments where exposure to toxic gases and hazards are common risks. 

    Supporting H2S, CO, O2 or SO2 gas detection, G6 alerts the wearer when they have come into contact with gas—using attention-getting lights, sounds and vibrations.

  • Protect your workers with a G7 Lone Worker monitor to keep them connected—anytime, anywhere—so that help can be on the way in seconds. Get peace of mind with built-in capabilities including direct-to-cloud connectivity, no motion and fall detection, precise location tracking and live monitoring, automated missed check-in notifications, patented emergency SOS latch and two-way communication via text or push-to-talk.  

  • G7 multi-gas and multi-gas pump detectors monitor for up to five gases while delivering real-time visibility of workers’ safety, including their current alert status. With integrated cellular connectivity, cloud-hosted device configuration and alert management tools provide control of your fleet, while the devices operate just like the traditional gas monitors you’re used to.  

  • This direct-to-cloud portable area gas monitor delivers ultimate site visibility. With integrated connectivity, G7 EXO provides real-time data and alerts teams to any hazards. Deploying in minutes, these drop-and-go devices boast 100+ days battery life, making them the most reliable and hardest working in the industry. Their rugged, award-winning design also means they can stand up in the harshest of conditions. 

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  • Our Guard-Check gives you a quick and easy method to accurately check the guard opening size, based on the distance from the hazard zone for hands as referenced by BS EN ISO 13857.

  • GRP Access Ladders

    29 Jul 2021 Kerry Wilson

    Ensure safe and easy access or escape with bespoke GRP cat ladders ships' ladders

  • The GS01 is a wireless infrared gas transmitter for continuous monitoring of flammable hydrocarbon gases and vapours in the oil and gas industry. The intrinsically safe and SIL-rated transmitter featu ...
  • GRP Anti-Slip Solutions

    15 Apr 2021 KW

    Our high performance QuartzGrip® GRP Anti-Slip Range offers a collection of simple, retro-fit solutions to fix slippery floors, walkways, steps, stairs and ladders in the toughest of environments, keeping staff, customers and passengers safe from slips and falls.

  • GRP Access Platforms

    15 Apr 2021 KW

    For multi-floor machinery or control panels and maintenance hatches that are installed in hard-to-reach places, gaining access safely can be a challenge. We can design, supply and install a wide variety of GRP Stairs, Gantries and Access Platforms, ranging in size from simple threshold steps to more intricate high-level platforms that ensure operation and maintenance crews remain safe at all times.

  • GRP Step Overs

    15 Apr 2021 KW

    Whether staff need to navigate across a single pipe, a boundary wall or a network of cables, a Step Over will ensure that they stay safe while preventing the pipes, walls or cables from getting kicked, stepped on and damaged.

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