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Health & Safety Event 2022

8 - 10 April 2025
NEC, Birmingham

Product Showcase


Product Showcase

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  • We can offer a series of full day and half day Health & Safety Training courses which can be held on site or at our office’s training rooms with refreshments and snacks provided The courses on offer a ...
  • Tower Pro Floodlight Range

    22 Apr 2024 NightSearcher Ltd

    NightSearcher Tower Pro floodlight range is ideal workshop lighting equipment. Featuring a portable, lightweight, collapsible design. 360-degree multi-angle, rotational heads that can be orientated to shine the light exactly where you need it.

  • T100 Risk Manager - HR Software

    22 Feb 2024 Helen Powell

    Seamless integration for effective HR. Create continuity in how you manage records, policies, holidays, disciplinaries, recruitment and more.

  • Leave paper-based health and safety systems in the past with smart, cloud-based software that works hard to make your life easier.

  • T100 Risk Manager - E-Learning

    08 Feb 2024 Helen Powell

    A smart e-learning system to revolutionise your training provision. 

  • First2HelpYou offers a 30-day free trial for our lone worker devices, providing peace of mind without any commitment. During this trial period, lone workers can experience the full range of features a ...
  • The First2HelpYou smartwatch is a must-have for people who work alone. It's designed to keep them safe and connected. With this smartwatch, lone workers can feel confident and secure as they go about ...
  • The First2HelpYou Kit Device is perfect for all types of lone workers. It is easy to use, discreet and versatile. Not to mention it is compact sized and very flexible. It comes with every feature you ...
  • The First2HelpYou ID Badge is BS8484 approved and incorporates the latest technologies. It is easy to use, discreet and versatile. The ID badge is very flexible and is supplied with an accessory pack ...
  • The lone worker app can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones. Both apps provide a solution without having to carry around an extra gadget. We have worked with dedicated software designers to cr ...
  • This Product line focuses on the highest level of safety performance.

    Despite their thickness, these models are designed with warmth, breathability, and foot protection most in mind.

    This Product line focuses on the highest level of safety performance.

    Despite their thickness, these models are designed with warmth, breathability, and foot protection most in mind.

    Color : Blue/White/Red



  • The training matrix reimagined. Everything finally in one place.


  • The Two Tone Collection is an adaptable, cross-industry range which combines high-vis yellow and navy to create a solution ready for tough environments.

  • Twist Cassette

    01 Dec 2023 SureScreen Diagnostics

    Easy twist activation


  • Comes with a heel loop for easy ON/Off functioning
    Heal seam reinforcement for long-lasting product use
    Trademark printed
    Made from high-quality 100% neoprene
    Better traction on tiled or carpeted flooring due to the availability of a grippy sole
    Glued seams improve the life and functionality of the product

  • Simplicity saves lives: The Lifeline AUTO's intuitive one-button operation puts life-saving power in your hands. With one-button operation, it's been proven by an Independent study that anyone can use ...
  • The TSI SidePak AM520 is a portable, lightweight dust and aerosol monitor which is worn by the operator, giving real time exposure levels for personnel.

  • The TSI QUEST EVM-7 monitors are available to rent or purchase from Ashtead Technology. Suitable for workplace and environmental monitoring, the TSI QUEST EVM-7 monitor offers an all in one solution for measuring dust, gases and VOCs simultaneously so you can accurately assess air quality.

  • Built upon proven DustTrak technology, the Environmental DustTrak Monitor allows you to remotely monitor dust and aerosols in an outdoor environment.

    Suitable for long-term monitoring, the Environmental DustTrak Photometer is housed in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure and utilises a cloud based management system which provides you with real-time data measurements from any location. To ensure effective management, you can also set up custom text message and email alerts.

  • The TSI Q-TRAK 7575 is a handheld, indoor air quality monitor which can measure a number of parameters to assess the air quality and conditions in a range of environments.

    Thanks to the interchangeable probes, the TSI Q-TRAK 7575 is capable of measuring Velocity, Temperature, VOCs, CO2, Humidity and Carbon Monoxide.

  • TSI BlueSky Air Quality Monitor

    01 Jan 2023 BlueSky Air Quality Monitors - 8143 and 8145

    Available to rent or hire from Ashtead Technology, the TSI BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor is a lightweight instrument designed to simultaneously measure PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10 mass concentrations, temperature and relative humidity.

     The 8145 has additional sensors to gather weather and electrochemical gas data, including barometric pressure, O3, CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2.

  • Touchsafe Pred Impact

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Touchsafe Pred Impact (TS4). 18 Gauge seamless knitted Nylon, Spandex, Azura and Tekarmour liner. Padded palm, coated in revolutionary Polymax. Contact heat resistance up to 250 degrees. TPR Impact pr ...
  • Touchsafe Pred Sensor

    12 Apr 2023 Colin McLorg
    Touchsafe Pred Sensor (TS1). 15 Gauge seamless knitted Nylon and Spandex liner. Palm coated in revolutionary Polymax. Suitable for use in food industries and 100% touchscreen comnpatible. Offers great ...
  • The Lifeline AED is designed to be simple and intuitive. As proven by an Independent Study, anyone can use this AED without training. The easier an AED is to use, the more lives it will save!   
  • The Lifeline VIEW: Your expert guide and ally in cardiac emergencies.  The Lifeline VIEW harnesses the power of video to bring you step-by-step CPR and defibrillation instructions. With its expansive, ...
  • The SoundSign Noise-activated Warning Sign

    20 Mar 2023 Callum Wallis
    The SoundSign from Cirrus Research is an easy-to-install noise-activated warning sign for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level has been reach ...
  • Twig Ex

    26 Jan 2023 Peoplesafe

    The TWIG EX is an intrinsically safe and highly durable SOS alarm that is ATEX/IECEX approved that protects lone workers operating within a hazardous environment. Ideal for potentially explosive areas such as airports and power stations.​

  • We develop and deliver quality training programs nationally, at your own venue, or at our own selected venues. We can provide courses that complement your business requirements, that are informative and fun for participants and are designed on sound adult learning principles.  We also deliver accredited courses from awarding bodies such as IOSH, EUSR, CITB, UKATA and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance. 

  • For professional & trade use. Ideal if you are looking for a top-quality ladder to use around the home or business. This professional-grade ladder is manufactured to the latest EN131 Professional stan ...
  • We have a wide variety of health and safety consultancy services developed with almost 60 years experience.

  • Truly Tailored Courses

    30 Aug 2022 Safety Rocks Limited

    Rocking safety since 2015, Safety Rocks is on a mission to shake-up the world of health and safety training.

    Check out more about their work here:

  • Training

    04 Apr 2022 Nick Cox

    It is vital for individuals and organisations to have robust evacuation procedures to conform to legislations such as Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Health & Safety at Work Act.

    Assisting the mobility impaired should be supported by dedicated training. We offer both operator training and train the trainer courses for all chairs to ensure you have the required skill set when needed if an emergency evacuation is triggered.

  • Transfer Board

    01 Apr 2022 Sherie Smith

    The purpose of the transfer board is to bridge the gap between two seats, for example, a wheel chair to evacuation chair and vice-versa. A transfer can then be carried out whilst negating the need to lift the passenger.


    07 Mar 2022 Alison Hayward

    Transfer Handles are designed to eliminate the need for staff to overreach during lateral transfers and reduce the risk of injury.


    07 Mar 2022 Alison Hayward

    The Patient Transfer Bed Sheet is a full body length transfer sheet for easy and controlled repositioning of immobile patients.

  • Toolbox Talks

    16 Feb 2022 Gary Bates

    These interactive class-based driver training sessions have been designed to help drivers become more aware of key issues relating to driving, and to give them the opportunity to learn from our experts in a convenient, engaging, bite-size format.

    Driving Seminars and Toolbox Talks are cost-effective and make a great addition to your staff training days, and are ideal as refresher sessions for drivers of all levels of experience.

  • The Moldex M-Series earmuffs

    01 Dec 2020 Moldex
    The Moldex M-Series earmuffs The M-Series earmuffs not only have an appealing and modern look but the high quality materials and seamless workmanship make them robust and durable, so that they withsta ...

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